History of Jigger's Diner...

                           Jigger's Diner was originally started in 1917, by Vilgot "Jigger" Lindberg.
                He built up a successful business from his hot dog/hamburger eatery in the building next door,   
                called "Lindy's".  At that time, a lunch cart was running by the Borden brothers, Alan, Leo and 
                Ralph, where the present diner sits.

                          In July 1928, Jigger moved the lunch cart to Wickford Village and put a diner in its place. 
                Men in dress shirts and bow ties, served customers full dinners. It is said that customers stood
                three deep  behind the stools waiting their turn. Meals were actually passed through a window
                between the diner and "Lindy's" next door.

                          In 1941, Jigger Lindberg left the restaurant business and went into hardware instead.
                                                     Leonard "Lenny" Boren was the next owner.

                          In June 1950, Boren and his partner, John Avery replaced the old diner with a newer, 
                larger one. Main Street, East Greenwich was closed off and a band was playing the day the new 
                                           diner rolled off a flatbed truck and into the place it stands today. 

                                          This new diner was built by  The Worcester Dining Car Company.

                         From the 1950's to the 1980's, Jigger's was owned or rented by several different people,
                 including Fred Freedlund, Bob "Frenchy" Filteau, Bert Johnson, Ernie Catalino, Norman 
                                                                  Harrod, Sr. and Clarence "Ike" Huling.

                        The diner was closed in 1983.  For nearly a decade, the diner served as a storage room 
                 for an adjacent paint store. Instead of booths, counters & cooking equipment, cases of paint 
                                                              cans filled the otherwise empty space.

                                   In January 1992, Carol Shriner, bought the diner and began restoring it. 
                 All that remained of the original diner were the clock, the green stools, the woodwork and tiles
                 on the floors & walls.  The booths came from the Colonial Diner in Brockton, Mass. Parts of the    
                decorative stainless steel hood were  fabricated to match the old photographs of the original interior.

                                                    Jigger's Diner, re-opened in the summer of 1992.
                      Carol Shriner ran the diner for 8 years, then sold the diner and moved to Vermont.

                      In 2000, Iva, a new owner took over and continued serving meals at the diner 
                                                     until it was permanently closed in the fall of 2011.

                               In June 2012, Jigger's Diner was reopened and we continue to serve fresh, quality meals 
​                                                                        Open Daily 6:00am - 2:30pm  Serving Breakfast ALL DAY! 

                                  We strive to continue the "Jigger's" legacy of serving quality diner food. 
                          Our goal is to serve you delicious, hearty dishes that will bring you back for more.

                                                     Look forward to seeing you soon at Jigger's Diner
                                                                       Thank you for your patronage!
                                                                       Karie Myers, Owner/Chef